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Sewing Journal Page

Dear Fellow Journalists,

Ok, I will admit it.-I hate sewing. My Grandmother taught me how to knit and later on, I learned how to needlepoint, but sewing -that would be a no! But, when I found this video, I was intrigued. Combing sewing and journaling? Take a look and listen and let me know what you think.



Get Ready, Get Set – Wait, how do I start?

Dear Fellow Writers,

How do you start your story? I have to admit, starting a story is nerve- wracking! Here are some suggestions, some beginning sentences are mine:

  1. The sun was setting slowly over the rooftop.

2. She placed it in her pocket, turned and ran.

3. There’s a saying, I read once…

4.The train was packed with cowboys.

5. She noticed his eyes first.

6. The color green reminded him of home.

7. Snow was falling lightly down when Peter reached the town.

8. Awareness came in infinitely slow moments.

9. ” I’m perfectly capable if taking care of myself! “

10. “Were is he?”



Break the block!

Dear Fellow Writers,

Does “writer’s block” exist? Yes, it does exist! You’ve finished your latest novel, story, or essay and now, you’re stuck – Big Time. What can you do about it? Here are some tried and true ways to do it:

  1. Write about a time where you felt successful – maybe winning a prize or a promotion.
  2. Write how you feel right now – be honest. Are you happy, frustrated or angry?
  3. Write down the type of story you want to write – romance, adventurous, comedy.
  4. Write down who would feature in the story you wish you could write. Write down their characteristics, what they wot look like.
  5. Take the character by the hand and ask what they are doing in your story. What would happen if you weren’t blocked.

Hey, are you still blocked?



Does the theme pick you or is it the other way around?

Hello all,

I especially like this quote: “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

The theme of a story is like a pulse – without it, your story is little more than a series of events. Your characters will mingle around, parroting phrases and more than likely, your readers will shake their heads and wonder what you were trying to say. Unless you’ve been given an assignment to write a particular theme, by all means, write one that compels you! Every story has at least two or more, hopefully more, chapters so pick a theme you are passionate about because it will stick with you for a long while.

The good news is that there are lots of themes “out there in the land of writing” so if you’re stuck for a story idea you can often just jump into the “theme pool” and you’ll be able to start writing. Some of the many themes are: ambition, betrayal, courage, deception, discovery, escape, death, fear, freedom, greed, isolation, jealousy, justice, love, power, survival.

Choose wisely and happy writing!


PS: I don’t want to overwhelm you, but check out this article!


What to do when you’re bored

Hello crafters!

Ok, I know that boredom is a “thing” but as crafters, we never admit out loud that we are shhhh “bored” ’cause our craft room is jammed full of stuff to keep us busy for ages!!

But, what if, say on a particularly bad rainy April day, nothing in your craft room appealed to you? What would you do? This video had me chuckling.

The cure for boredom!